Vendita Calda R306 LED SMT Reflow Saldatura Forno China OEM SMT Reflow Forno Machine Fabbricante
Vendita Calda R306 LED SMT Reflow Saldatura Forno China OEM SMT Reflow Forno Machine Fabbricante

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Postu d 'Orighjini:CHINA
Name Marca:PUDE
Nombre Modèle:R306

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Ordine Minimum Quantità:1
Imballaggi Details:SCATOLA DI LEGNU
Time delivery:1-3 GIORNI
Cunnizzioni Pudeti:TT / PAYPAL / LC ecc
Ability Ability:200PCS / MESE


The R306 desktop reflow soldering machine launched by Wenzhou Hecan  Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a small reflow soldering machine, but the core structure of the core part is the same as that of the mainframe; its biggest advantage is that the liner uses The most advanced turbocharging technology, the biggest feature of this technology is to ensure that the suction air can be blown out from each hole of the rectifier plate to the greatest extent, and the air volume and wind speed between each hole are even; The system has many advantages, such as precise temperature control, power saving and energy saving, simple operation, and space saving. It is very suitable for customers who have high quality requirements and want high precision, but the space and batch are not large.

quaternu di carichi

Zona di temperatura di riscaldamentu6
Lunghezza di a zona di riscaldamentu1000mm
Elementu calevuleriscaldatore à vita ultra-longa nichel-cromu

Metudu di riscaldamentu

turbocharged full hot air temperature zone independent small cycle forced heating and rapid temperature increase, power saving and energy saving

Modu di cuntrollu di a macchina sana

operation panel keys plus microcomputer intelligent instrument PID closed-loop control / touch screen control
tempu chauffage≤15 minuti

Numaru di zoni di rinfrescante

Metu di rinfrescanteconstant current forced air cooling
Precisione di cuntrollu di temperatura± 1 ℃
Deviazione laterale di u bordu PCB± 2 ℃
Larghezza massima PCBa larghezza orizontale di a cintura di rete hè di 300 mm

Componente altezza permissibile

Direzzione di trasportuleft → right
Altezza cintura di trasmissionemesh belt 900 ± 20mm
Modu di trasmissionestainless steel B-shaped mesh belt
Velocità di trasportatore150-220 mm / min
Alarma anormaleultra high temperature alarm
-Sintinedddi branchAC220V / 50HZ
Start / putenza nurmale6KW / 2KW
Pesodesktop 130Kg,vertical three-temperature zone,180Kg
cunsideratedesktop L1650×W613×H660mm vertical machine L1650×W613 ×H1225mm

Turbine forced supercharging structure, with even and strong wind, high thermal compensation efficiency, rapid temperature rise,energy saving.The vacuum tight heater has the characteristics of long life and rapid temperature rise. The general life of this structure heaterwill exceed ten years.Taiwan genuine H-level reflow soldering high temperature motor
The fan blades are added with ordinary heaters or infrared heating tubes, and even the fan blades and the fan motor are notavailable. Direct infrared tube baking, the temperature difference is simply uncontrollable, and there will usually be a 20-50degree temperature difference.The life of ordinary heaters and infrared tube heaters is one to five years. After a long heating time, the heating wire directly contacts with oxygen. The oxidation becomes brittle and it is particularly afraid of vibration. The heating wire is easy to break.Range hood fan

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